Ola, Darcy, Mayah, Micah-Remi, Dream and Nubia, collectively known as The Pelo Family, are one of the UK’s most loved content creator families.

Ola, previously worked as the Global Brand Partnerships manager at TikTok, and she is now a full-time content creator, with a goal to share her expertise and honest experiences of being a mum in the digital age. Ola was nominated in the 2020 Vuelio Awards under the parenting category for her ‘amazing Instagram and TikTok accounts’.

Creating content is second nature to the Pelo Family and they are big believers in selling the experience through engaging storytelling, fuelled with the entertainment factor. They love to share personal experiences and moments of joy with their audience so they can join in the fun.

Their authenticity shines through, making them a big hit with brands who want them to promote products and services that fit in naturally with their happy family experiences. The Pelo’s have worked with global brands including JD Sports, Shark Ninja, Deliveroo, Parkdean Resorts, Clarks, Very, Breville, M&S, Argos and Sky TV. The family are brand ambassadors for F&F and their eldest daughter Mayah has featured and recorded the voiceover for a TV advert for their kids range.

Ola, together with her husband Darcy, are also passionate about using their platform to both educate and increase the visibility of a black British family, raising children with a love for their African heritage. The goal has always been to create a more representative view that diversifies social spaces and in turn, challenges stereotypes as they believe we cannot solely rely on the media to consistently show an authentic representation of all people.

No topic is off limits for the Pelo Family, from frank conversations about race, the realities of parenting and sharing tips for achieving a positive mental attitude, to funny TikToks with the family. For them, it’s all about family, food and fun with the aim to create honest and engaging experiences that their followers can enjoy along with them.