Professional British Basketball player Ovie Soko started his career at college. He has gone on to play for teams such as Murcia and to represent his country, Great Britain.

Ovie captured the nation during his appearance on Love Island 2019 which saw him reach the final and his social following rocket. He shot to fame with his catchphrase “message” and was known for his words of wisdom throughout his time in the villa. Since leaving the villa, Ovie has launched a hugely successful collaboration with ASOS and secured a position as a key correspondent for Sky Sports, as well as featuring as a regular pundit on Sky’s weekly show Heatcheck. In October 2020 Ovie’s book ‘You Are Dope’ was released, followed by his own documentary ‘Life After Reality TV’ aired on BBC 3 and BBC.

2021 continued to be a successful year for Ovie. In August his collection with Everlast was unveiled, followed by his brand new podcast with Amazon Music ‘Ask Ovie’.

Over the last 2 years, Ovie has continued to excel in both the sports and reality world and he continues to work with brands and publications such as Vogue, The Guardian, North Face, Fila, Diet Coke, Whatsapp, Boss, Samsung, Walkers crisps, Depop, DFS, Just Eat, Paypal, Lacoste and Captain Morgan. In March 2020 he appeared on our screens again, taking part in Channel 4’s Bake off; for Stand Up To Cancer.

Ovie’s engagement continues to go from strength to strength and there are many more exciting opportunities ahead for him.