Madeleine Bitici

Madeleine Bitici

About Madeleine.


271k Instagram followers

Creative influencer, vlogger and instagram star Madeleine is best known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.

Originally from and currently based in Stockholm, Madeleine regularly shares content with her 18 month old son, Avian. Madeleine has recently given birth to her second child, Kanai, after sharing her pregnancy closely with her 271k following. Madeleine has recently created a YouTube channel with a fast growing following of 6.6k subscribers.

29 year old Madeleine has worked with a number of well known brands such, Boohoo, PLT, Daniel Wellington, HUAWEI, FashionNova, Lasula Boutique, Miss Pap, Lounge Underwear, and Swedish homeware brand Jotex. As a stylish mum Madeleine appeals to not only the fashion and beauty market but the mummy market as well, collaborating with children’s brands such as BabyShop.Se and TwistShake.

Most recently, Madeleine has founded her new jewellery brand Nalia Jewelry, set to launch in 2019.



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