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Fran Kirby

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Fran Kirby is a talented female footballer for Chelsea and England. She has recently won the PFA Women’s Player of the year and the Writers choice award.

Following on from the huge success with the Lionesses in Europe last year and the upcoming 2019 Women’s World Cup, there is undoubtably a big buzz around women’s football. This has inspired a whole new generation of women in sport and Fran is extremely keen to inspire young women going forward to get involved with football and sports in general.

Fran is currently the top goal scorer across all competitions for Chelsea and England head coach Phil Neville has also spoken extremely highly of Fran.

Outside of football the UEFC are currently filming Fran for an exciting upcoming Documentary about the ups and downs of Football and Frans life outside of it. This has been inspired by the massive success of Usain Bolt’s ‘I am Bolt’.

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